Andreaphotographica Arts Humanities | About
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About Me

First of all, thanks for stopping by and taking time to look at my works. I go straight to the point: my name is Andrea and this is andreaphotographica.

I am a Photographer / Arts & Humanities consultant, born and raised in Italy. I specialise in Cultural Heritage after having spent years studying between Italy and England.
I enjoy traveling and creating images / visions. In brief, my goal is to provide visual experiences. Given that creativity helps see our world differently, I am that kind of person open to new experiences and particularly creative in seeing. I would make just two points, in order to focus on my concepts : first, I essentially think photography is a sort of emotional geography: since we were born our living is constructed and seen through emotions over time.

My own photographs deal with this representation of reality relating to places, circumstances, mood or interactions. Second, in my opinion photograph is like a process of visualising, making something visible to our eyes; It helps elevate our thinking.I always wait a moment before taking a picture. It’s a way of life. It’s a discipline.

In addition to my photographic passion, I thoroughly enjoy getting to carry out some research in a wide range of discipline across the arts and humanities such as history of photography, art history, film studies, and interconnected fields.